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Rotating 3D Model of TMJs
Basic features
  • Holding down and dragging a left click can rotate these 3D model images in a spherical plane.
  • If the area of interest involves dentition, the bone can be selectively ‘dissolved’ away leaving the teeth standing alone. The free rotation of the teeth then allows a clear assessment of the spatial relationship between the teeth, especially useful in impaction cases, or supernumery dentition buried in the bone.
  • With TMJ assessments, the rotation of the TMJ allows a clear assessment of the condyle and the glenoid fossa.
  • Screen 3 – Practitioners can easily manipulate and bone edit 3d images for each individual patient.
  • Have the ability to move the images to any angle/position they require to define anatomical areas and pathologies.
  • Anatomically accurate images to determine the size, position and function of the TMJ’s.
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