Coronal slice (TMJ)
Basic features
  • The default setting of this slice gives a view of the condyle heads, a position dictated by the horizontal plane in Box 7. However, the entire volume of the scan can be viewed in coronal slices by repositioning the aforementioned horizontal plane.
  • This particular feature can be very useful for the production of images that are similar to conventional 2D intraoral x-rays, such as periapical and bitewing radiographs. Selecting the correct horizontal plane, and then repositioning the navigational slice tools in the appropriate areas achieves this.
  • The angles of the navigational slice tools are depicted as a values for the in the bottom left and right corners of this box. This feature is important for the measurement of the condyle head angle.
  • Screen 2 - Assess condylar anatomy of TMJ without superimposition and distortion of the image.
  • True size imaging for accurate measuring.
  • Real time movement through any level of the TMJ.
  • Allows diagnosis of the bone morphology and the joint space.
  • Images help in explanations to the patient.
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