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Interactive 3D Model
  • This 3D model of the scan can be cropped or expanded by moving the red and green pan slice lines in Box 2.
  • It is also possible to rotate the model manually by holding and moving a left click, or have the model rotating 360 by right clicking.
  • The bone can be ‘dissolved’ away leaving the teeth standing alone. This is especially useful for exposing an impacted or supernumery tooth that is buried in the jawbone.

  • Practitioner manipulation of the 3D image including bone editing allows specific relationships to be established e.g. impacted teeth and nerves.

    When nerve canal marking is activated this screen will provide accurate information on the relationships between the nerve and the surrounding teeth, especially in the cross sectional images.

    Gives accurate three dimensional images of the anatomy for each individual patient, allowing for free movement of the images to show the anatomy at any angle or position required.
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