Coronal slice viewing window
Basic features
  • This box has a Red perimeter.
  • The image in this box is altered if the Red sliding scale in Box 12 & 14 is moved.
  • The direction of view is from the chin up through the head.
  • Optimal demonstration of anatomy from slices in any chosen plane
  • A single slice through an affected tooth can be taken at any angle. (Using the line function)
  • Thickness of chosen region can be altered.
  • Shows critical structure (i.e. nerve), in relation to the teeth in three different planes.
  • Full 360 degree rotation of chosen area of scan. (Using explore function).
  • Show sinuses in three planes providing data to accurately evaluate the need for a sinus lift
  • Alveolar and bone width can be measured and contours of bone visualized.
  • Provides ‘real-time’ movement in three planes.
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